About Us

ARCHITECTURE PLUS was established in 1989. The term ‘International Regionalized Architecture’ was introduced as a basic philosophy for the firm’s work. The term was further defined as to produce architecture that is a combination of old which is traditional and one owns it and new which is modern and impressive. It is contextually relevant with respect to place & people of a high design merit, which fosters the use of local arts and crafts and works within the broader definitions of contemporary architecture.

Today the firm has a noteworthy role in the architectural reference of our country. The sensitivity shown to issues of culture, function and context, which have been expressed in our projects has been appreciated by the end users. Maintaining an architectural practice in constant evolution over the past 20 years, Architecture Plus has built a solid reputation for quality, scope and variety on a number of important architectural projects. By adapting challenges and changes in technology and the built environment, Architecture Plus has maintained the quality conscious architectural practice.

Architecture Plus can offer a full range of standard architectural services. The firm has specific expertise in most building types including: residential, commercial, industrial, office buildings, hotels, clubs, banks, educational and health institutions.

A major part of the Architecture Plus’s work is now done with computer-aided technology using CAD systems and other softwares for the preparation of 2D & 3D presentations and working drawings, specifications, scheduling and cost control. The firm also provides services in the fields of feasibility studies, architectural programming, project planning and urban design.